Your donation is a powerful way to effect change in the central Ohio leadership landscape.

Each donation supports African American individuals in becoming their best selves to become great leaders. When you give, your donation reshapes the future landscape of leadership in the Columbus and central Ohio communities. In addition, it broadens awareness of African American leadership beyond the borders of commonly tapped leadership circles.

Donations for AALA are submitted through the United Way of Central Ohio. Clicking the Donate buttons on this page transfers you to the United Way donate page. Please be sure to include in the United Way comments section the words “Donation for AALA” and your type of donation (i.e. Legacy, Class or Difference). If making a class donation, please also provide your class year in the comments section.

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Mail a check payable to: United Way of Central Ohio. Indicate “Contribution to AALA” on the check memo line.

African American Leadership Academy
c/o United Way of Central Ohio
215 N. Front Street Suite 600
Columbus, Ohio 43215




The African American Leadership Academy is grateful to the organizations below for supporting its mission. This financial support enables central Ohio to anticipate and construct the bench of diverse leadership that is needed to be –and remain– a “best at” community. By partnering with the Academy, our sponsors bring more innovative and highly performing leadership teams to all sectors of our community.

*Founding Sponsor